Your Great Idea Starts with a
Domain Name

Search for new domains and register your name before

someone else does.


Your Great Idea Starts with a
Domain Name

400+ TLDs as unique as your business.


Why Ayan Tech for Domains?

Unlike our competitors, we offer a number of unique features.

Registration is FREE for private individuals

The amount of personal information you share on the Web should be in your control, according to us. During the life of the domain, we will include free Domain Privacy .

Get A Free Subdomain

Do you need a lot of subdomains for your site? nothing to worry about. you can host unlimited subdomains on a shared, vps, or dedicated hosting plan.

The Easy Way to Transfer Your Domains

By transferring to Tech Ayan, you can manage all of your domains from one account. All of the above benefits can be yours, and you won’t have to worry about private registration fees.

Protecting your privacy and security

Keeping your website secure and private is our top priority, and we respect the rights of individuals and consumers. We are dedicated to keeping the Internet open, free, and safe for all users.

The Best Way to Choose a Domain Name

The right domain name represents your brand or business, so choosing it carefully is important. Identify words and phrases that describe your idea and jot them down. Be sure the words you choose are easy to spell, and reflect the purpose for which you plan to use them.

Keep the text short and sweet

When you purchase a domain, include the keyword. By doing so, you can attract visitors and keep them interested.

Ensure that it is brandable or unique

It should also reflect your brand or personality in a way that makes your stand out from the crowd.

You can reserve your name

Having a personal domain name is a great addition to your own domains. Direct visitors to sites you want linked to yourself using the name of your company